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The Process of Digestion, Parasites and Ivermectin!

Updated: Oct 20, 2022


Thank you to all who read Ivermectin, life saving for you or someone you love?

I am humbled and grateful for the overwhelming positive response. I pray you will glean as much from this post and it's up coming sequel.

The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD: and he delighteth in his way.

What would be the most helpful follow up post to ivermectin? The Lord responded, "Digestion, nutrition, food combining, food". My response, hmmmmm, I admit, it's a great follow up, but I wasn’t jumping up with joy when I heard the answer. Seriously, try telling someone their best friends are toxic and then reducing this affection, pleasure, love activity to a chemistry class. However, I'm up for the challenge because without understanding the process of digestion health will be fleeting. I would be doing God a disservice and my fellow brethren. That's not going to happen!

It's important to comprehend, we are not just what we eat, we are what we assimilate and eliminate! Eating food is much more then satisfying taste buds and filling the gut. Digestion is a bio-chemical function. It is a biological process, consisting of many organs, natural occurring chemicals and precise timing. There is a mechanical aspect to digestion: smelling, chewing and churning. There is a chemical element: enzymes and acids. There is also a relationship aspect: you get to decide what, when and how you will eat, and team digestion finds ways to break it down.

I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are Your works, And that my soul knows very well. Psalm 139:14

In order to have optimal function of our being, it is wise to comprehend the basic process of digestion and the journey food takes. It all begins with the preparation: touching, smelling and gazing sends signals to fire up the stomach for incoming food. Once food enters the mouth, specific enzymes are produced by the salivary glands to help break it down. It's all about breaking the food down. Chewing your food into small pieces will not only prevent you from choking, but eases the burden of the other digestive processes. The smaller the food before going down the esophagus, the better. Down the esophagus and into the stomach. The stomach then processes the food with specific naturally occurring digestive enzymes and acids. From there it goes into the small intestine and is broken down into liquid. At this stage nutrients are absorbed and waste matter starts to solidify. That waste enters the large intestine (colon) where it is turned into poop and then sent to the rectum (holding storage) before exiting the anus. During this process the other organs of digestion; gall bladder, pancreas and liver are sending out proper enzymes, delivering nutrients where needed and cleansing the bloodstream. Quite the process wouldn't you say?


FACT: 9/10 of disease and disorder occur in the digestive tract.

FACT: Digestion is the hardest task the body performs

FACT: Improperly combined food creates putrefaction and fermentation, acidic environment

FACT: Parasites and bad bacteria feed and breed in acidic environments

FACT: 95% of the illness are contributed to parasites and harmful bacteria

FACT: Food is fuel, the building blocks to healthy cellular function

Are you eating what ever you want? Whenever you want? However you want? Do you ever consider the biological function of digestion when you eat? What is food really for? Did you know doctors study less than 20 hrs of clinical nutrition in 4 years of medical school?

Bottom line, 9/10 of disease and disorder begins in the digestive track. Putrefaction and fermentation of food in the gut creates an over acidic environment which becomes a feeding and breeding ground for parasites and harmful bacteria. Every time we improperly combine our food, white blood cells, the clean up crew, leave aisle 5, a cleaning post and head to the stomach. The stomach sends out a siren that a foreign invader has entered the gut. Over time if the clean up crew, is always in the stomach, then parasites on aisle 5 are left to fester, multiply and spread. The results, disease/disorder.

These creatures, I liken them too, drain the body of energy leaving the host with barely any life. They suck nutrition, deprive the body of oxygen and emit debilitating toxins. This is where ivermectin plays a crucial role. Ivermectin will kill off these festering parasites and harmful bacteria allowing your body more energy to repair and heal itself naturally. We humans are technically one of the mammal species and we all function similarly. Horses, dogs, other mammals get dewormed several times a year, why not us? Getting dewormed and eating according to our physiology and biology are a knock out combo for good health that you can expect to have.

Don't ask what your body can do for you, ask what you can do for your body! Give your "team" digestion a break and a little help by lifting unnecessary burdens.


Principles of Natural Hygiene,

a science of health and wellbeing.

For optimal digestion the following recommendations are founded on the physiology and biology of the human system. Real science!

Danny's Ivermectin protocol

Getting rid of harmful bacteria in the gut and parasites in the body is crucial in order to gain and maintain health.

Best type of foods to eat during the day:

Morning: The least concentrated foods, in the most amount.

Ideal food choice: fruits

Middle: More complex foods, a smaller amount than your first meal.

Ideal food choice: starchy carbs

Evening: The most concentrated foods, but in the least abundant amount.

Ideal food choice: protein

Circadian Rhythm: Physiological processes of living beings.

12-8 pm digestion

8-4 am assimilation

4-12 pm elimination

The best time to eat food is during the digestion period, 12-8 pm.

Basic Food Combining: Food combining eases the burden of digestion.

Do not mix starch with protein

Do not mix starch with fruit

Do not mix fat with protein

Use fats sparingly

Eat melon alone

Other ways to promote better digestion:

Drink liquids either 30 min before meal or an hour after. Not during

Eat-in a calm atmosphere, not stressed

Chew food thoroughly, don't gulp it down

Eat until full, don't overeat

Practice intermittent fasting

Have a raw salad before every cooked meal


My prayer is that you will come to know how incredibly and wonderfully made you are. I pray you take time to care for yourself daily. Never ever give up.

If you have questions or comments please write them in the comment section below.

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Remember, live chat Sunday and Wednesday at 7pm est. Danny is not a doctor, but if you want to know about ivermectin, he's the one to go to. helpful information regarding health, natural hygiene practices and up to date news.

As always, do your own research, use logic, seek truth, ask for God’s wisdom.


The information , recipes, and instructions contained in these pages are in no way intended as a substitute for medical counseling. Pokeys Place expressly disclaims any and all liability for any claims, damages, loses, judgments, expenses, costs and liabilities of any kind or injuries resulting from any products offered on this site. This is merely a reminder that your health is ultimately your own responsibility! Stay informed and question the norm.

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