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Christological Astronomy  

The Celestial Word of God

The heavens declare the glory of God; And the firmament shows His handiwork.                                                                                                                            Psalm 19:1

Christological astronomy is the study of Christ in the heavens and is regarded as the celestial Word of God.  Approximately 2,500 years before Moses wrote the first five books of the Bible, man read the Word of God in the heavens. This is the same Word the Magi understood to locate Jesus (Mathew 2:2), the same Word the prophets of old used as guiding posts, and the same celestial body that serves as the basis for times and seasons.

The sun, moon, planets, and stars  bring to light a storyline message from our Creator. The keys to interpreting the Redeemer's story as our patriarchs did, is to follow the ecliptic path of the Sun as it travels through the stars (constellations) and orbital planets.

The message begins with the  Sun in Virgo,  the promised seed and ends with Leo as the King on high. It talks about sacrifice, redemption and love. It speaks about spiritual warriors, setting captives free, pouring out of the Holy Spirit, and a  King coming back for his bride. This entire storyline is centered on  Messiah’s person, character and coming.

God named the stars.

Psalm 147:4


In astronomy, the constellations symbolically represent a group of stars. Their symbols may have varied through the ages, but the star names that make up the 13 major constellations and their relation to Messianic message have never changed. Star names, therefore, are pivotal in understanding and interpreting the Christological significance of the heavens.

Our destiny and our potential as co-creators with God has been written in the heavens. Destiny will reveal the true character of who we are called to be and what we are called to do.  Since God predestined us to be conformed to the image His son, the celestial arrangements of each of our birth-dates’ skies will also display aspects of Christ Consciousness  and what we have individually been called to champion for.

  • Have you wondered if you are fulfilling God’s calling in your life?

  • Are you fulfilling your destiny?

  • Would you like to see what God saw on the day and time of your birth?

  • Do you wonder why certain events keep happening in your life?

  • Do you want to be stronger in Christ?

  • Do you know what your purpose is for being on earth?

A Christological Astronomy Profile is a freeze-framed picture of where the ecliptic path of the sun was precisely located, along with the moon and the planets within specific constellations, at the time, date, and year of your birth (see refs 2 & 3 below). It is a personal prophecy revealing the portion of the Messiah that God has foreordained you to fulfill. It is what our Creator saw and wrote on the day of your creation. Just as Jesus' birth-date revealed what He was called to become, we each have our own personal Christological profile that reveals our callings.

Christological Astronomy profiles are different from the Babylonian astrodivination system known as “Astrology". Christological Profiles are based on astronomy and on the exact positioning of the heavens when you were born. Christological Astronomy Profiles are about the sacred relationship between the Creator, Christ and Christ in you.  Your Christology is based on a co-creative process that ultimately leads to God’s fulfillment through you.

Benefits you will experience from receiving your Christological Astronomy Profile done: 

1.   Encouragement to be the person God intended you to be 
2.  Renewed focus
3.  Deeper conviction of your purpose in Christ
4.  A confirmation of your heavenly calling
5.  Tools to overcome obstacles in these times

You will be amazed at the accuracy  of your birth sky and how it emphasizes your importance to GOD who is the Creator of heaven and earth. Your Messianic potential is a gift that is worthy of the highest stewardship.

A Christological  Astronomy Profile includes:

  • Detailed 33-page report of your birth sky

  • Spirit-led consultation including answers to your personal questions 1 hour

  • Follow up

Call or email to inquire about pricing and book an appointment today!

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